2024 Instructors

Week 1


Maddie Denton (Level 4)

Katrina Nicolayeff (Level 3)

Tyler Andal (Level 3)

Chirps Smith (Level 3)

Natalie Padilla (Level 2)

Lydia Conway (Level 1)


Jake Eddy (Level 4)

John Lowell (Level 2-3)

Cade Slayden (Level 1)


John Reischman (Level 4)

Harry Clark (Level 3)

Nick Dumas (Level 2)

Ryan Kelly (Level 1)

Bluegrass Banjo

Cory Walker (Level 3-4)

Week 2


Bruce Molsky (Level 4)

Katie Shore (Level 4)

Chirps Smith (Level 3)

Shane Cook (Level 3)

Elana James (Level 2)

Laura Dalbey (Level 1)


Quinn Bachand (Level 4)

John Lowell (Level 2-3)

Cade Slayden (Level 1)


Paul Glasse (Level 3-4)

Clawhammer Banjo

George Guthrie (Level 3-4)

Teaching Levels

Level 1 – For students just beginning their musical journey. Children should be old enough to learn in a group setting without assistance. We recommend having some playing experience prior to taking the level 1 class.

Level 2 – For students ready to move beyond the beginner class. These students should have some experience with learning by ear.

Level 3 – Intermediate students will find these classes have much to offer in genre-specific styles. Students should have experience in learning by ear and a repertoire of basic tunes.

Level 4 – Advanced classes are for students looking for a challenge. These instructors may have their own criteria for their class. Students taking a level 4 class should consider themselves advanced. These classes may assume a working knowledge of theory. Level 4 classes will move at a faster pace than level 3 classes.