I will be attending:


Tuition Option:

Option 1A – $435 – Tuition and meals.

Option 1B – $455 – Tuition and gluten-free and/or vegetarian meals.

Option 2A – $380 – Tuition and meals for current (paid in 2018) members of the

                               Montana State Oldtime Fiddlers Association. Must provide

                               proof of membership at registration. See

                      for membership information.

Option 2B – $400 – Tuition and gluten-free and/or vegetarian meals for current

                               members of MSOTFA (see Option 2A).

Option 3   – $295 – Tuition only (for students preparing their own meals).

Option 4A – $200 – Meals only (for chaperones and non-playing family members).

                               This option does not include tuition for classes. Please do

                               not attend class if you haven’t paid for it!

Option 4B – $220 – Meals only, gluten-free and/or vegetarian meals

                               (see Option 4A).

Dorms are included with all of the above options at no additional charge.

Camping without hook-ups (water and power) will be an additional $25 for the

week. You will have access to public bathroom and shower facilities.   

Camping with hook-ups (water and power) will be an additional $75 for the

week. You will have access to public bathroom and shower facilities. Hook-ups

are limited, and the camp will be full. Register early! Late registrations may not

have access to hook-ups.

Class choice:

Playing level:

Level 1Beginner. For students with little or no playing experience.  These classes are

               meant for beginners.

Level 2Early Intermediate. For students with some playing experience, ready to

               move beyond the beginner class but not quite ready for the pace of an

               intermediate class.

Level 3Intermediate. Intermediate students will find these classes have much to                offer for the advancing player. Students should have a working knowledge of                their instrument and willingness to learn by ear in a group setting. These

               classes are often more genre-specific than a Level 2 class.

Level 4Advanced. Advanced classes for students looking for a challenge.  These

               instructors may have their own criteria for their class. Level 4 classes will

               move at a faster pace than level 3 classes.

Age (if under 18)

Name of chaperone

If you are under the age of 18, you must include the medical release.

Please include contact information for your legal guardian or chaperone as well.

Chaperones that are staying in the dorm and/or eating in the lodge must register separately.

Minor students WILL NOT be accepted for registration

without a medical release!

Download the Parental Authorization/Medical Release Form here, fill out by hand, scan into your computer, and attach the completed form below:

Please complete this section if the registrant is under the age of 18.

Other information:

When you click “Submit and proceed to PayPal” below,

you will be redirected to our PayPal site to pay the

registration deposit ($100) and the online registration fee ($3.30).

Please do not register your minor child without the medical release.

Registration & Refund Policy

   When we receive your registration, you will receive a confirmation letter either    by email or mail. If you do not receive the confirmation letter within two weeks,    contact the camp secretary to confirm that she has received your registration    and deposit. Deposits are non-refundable after May 1, 2018.

Late Fee

   There will be a $25 fee per registrant checking in after 10:00 am Sunday.

2018 Camp Online Registration Form