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Nestled in the heart of the historic Little Belt silver mining valley is a “Treasure State” treasure. The friendly community of Monarch is home to the Montana Fiddle Camp. During the first two weeks in June, this picturesque setting rings with laughter and the sweet sound of fiddle music, blended with big blue skies, crystal clear water, and the fresh aroma of mountain spruce. Montana Fiddle Camp brings together a dazzling array of instructors who offer classes and workshops in an intimate and beautiful setting. We offer fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, cello, and contra dancing. Nightly concerts, given by our instructors, are the highlight of the fiddle camp experience.

Montana Fiddle Camp is a division of Montana State Oldtime Fiddlers Association, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.


Email:   buckley319@gmail.com

Phone: 406-320-1150

Camp is held during the first two weeks in June.

Week 1: June 7-12, 2020

Week 2: June 14-19, 2020

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I can’t read music/I’m dependent on sheet music. Is there a place for me?

• Yes! Most of our instructors teach in the aural tradition.

• If you have never learned by ear, come with an open mind and willingness to learn a new skill. You might surprise yourself!

• You may get hand-outs, but your recording will be your best resource for practice.

What does camp cost?

• Please see the registration form for all options.

How do I register for camp?

• Register online at montanafiddlecamp.org. This option requires a deposit of $100 via PayPal.

• Print the registration form and mail it, along with a check for $100 per registration.

Will you refund my deposit if I cancel?

• Yes. The deadline for a deposit refund is April 1.

• Any cancellations after the deadline will not be refunded.

How can I pay my remaining balance?

• Remaining balances must be paid upon arrival.

• We will accept all forms of electronic payment, cash, and checks for remaining balances at check-in.

Can I pay my remaining balance before I arrive?

• We prefer that you pay your remaining balance when you arrive at camp.

• If you must pay prior to arrival, please mail a check. It should arrive no later than May 20th.

• We can’t accept electronic payments for remaining balances prior to camp.

• Due to much confusion with the PayPal process, we will not accept payment of remaining balances via PayPal.

Where is camp located?

• St Thomas Church Camp, 4806 Hwy 89, Monarch MT

• We are located between White Sulphur Springs and Great Falls on Hwy 89, mile marker 48.

When can I arrive?

• You may arrive on Saturday, no earlier than 1:00 pm.

• Saturday meals are not provided.

Can I park my vehicle near my camper or dorm?

• After unloading your gear, please park in the meadow. Maps are available at check-in. If you are able-bodied, this means you!

• Staff and instructors may park on campus, in designated areas.

• If you are sleeping in your vehicle, it is considered a camper and may stay on campus, in a designated area.

I’m flying in to Great Falls. Can I get a ride from the airport?

• Contact Fred at 406-320-1150 to make arrangements.

• There will be a $40 fee for pick-up/return.

• Please pay the driver in cash at the time of your arrival.

When does camp begin?

• You must arrive no later than 10:00 am Sunday.

• The instructors’ jam will begin at 9:00 am Sunday in the lodge.

• Orientation begins at 10:00 am.

• There is a $25 fee per student for late arrival.

How do I choose my class?

• Instructors will be introduced during orientation. They will speak briefly about their plans for the week. You can finalize your decision at that time.

• Choose your class based on your interest and ability level.

• You will stay with your class for the duration of the week.

• If your chosen class is not a good fit, you can switch to another class during the break on Sunday afternoon.

• You can take optional workshops daily from other instructors.

Where can I stay?

• The dorms are included at no additional charge.

• You can bring a camper or tent.

• There is additional lodging available at Cougar Canyon Lodge in Monarch, or Bob’s Motel in Neihart.

What should I bring?

• Clothing for variable weather. We are in the mountains. It often rains and has been known to snow.

• A recording device. A smartphone with a voice memo app works well.

• An electronic tuner. There are many tuner apps available for your smartphone.

• An ID tag for your instrument case. These are generally available in the gift shop.

• Your enthusiasm!

I’m staying in the dorms. What do I need to know?

• There are three dorms available: male, female, and family (co-ed).

• Each dorm consists of one large room with bunk beds, bathroom facilities, and three private shower stalls.

• See the camp facilities here.

• Dorms are also used as classrooms. You must keep your area tidy.

• You won’t have much personal space. Pack light!

• Bring your own towels and bedding.

• All dorms are heated.

I’m bringing my camper. What do I need to know?

• Campsites without hook-ups are $25 for the week per unit.

• Campsites with power and water hook-ups are $75 for the week per unit. Hook-ups are limited.

• The camp caretaker will help you find a place to park. Wait at the entrance. We don’t reserve spots in advance.

• You may use the bathroom and shower facilities in the dorms.

• There are no fire pits or picnic tables available at individual campsites.

I’m staying in a tent. What do I need to know?

• Tent sites are $25 for the week per unit.

• The camp caretaker will help you find an appropriate spot for your tent. Wait at the entrance.

• You may use the bathroom and shower facilities in the dorms.

• There are no fire pits or picnic tables available at individual campsites.

I’m staying in a tent. Where can I store my instrument?

• Preferably in your tent.

• Please don’t reserve a dorm bed for storage if you intend to camp in a tent.

• If there is space available, you may store instruments in the dorm. Wait until all students have checked in. Dorm residents receive preference, as their space is very limited.

What is your late-night jamming policy?

• We encourage jamming in the campground. Just be considerate of your neighbors.

• You may also use the Providence lounge, or the lodge after the dance is over.

• Raucous behavior and foul language will not be tolerated.

Can my minor child attend without me?

• Students under the age of 18 are required to have a chaperone (parent, grandparent, close family friend, etc.).

• Chaperones and their charges should share the same sleeping accommodations (dorm, camper, motel, etc.).

• We do not provide camp counselors to oversee the behavior of minor children. Chaperones should set appropriate boundaries.

I don’t play an instrument/I don’t want to take classes. Can I come anyway?

• You may attend as a family member, chaperone, or friend of a registered student.

• Our campus is closed to the general public with the exception of evening concerts.

• Please contact us for special consideration.

What are the meals like?

• We serve three hearty, home-cooked meals each day including a variety of meats, fresh produce, and dessert. Meals begin at 8:00 am Sunday.

• Two coffee/cookie breaks are served daily, available to all campers, strictly limited to two cookies per break.

• You must wear your badge at all times. No badge, no food!

• Gluten-free and vegetarian meals are available for an additional fee.

• If you require a special diet, contact the head cook in advance. Call Katelyn at 406-320-0594.

• Any special meal instructions should be discussed with Katelyn prior to registration.

Where can I find coffee in the morning?

• Regular coffee is available to all in the lodge before breakfast.

• Espresso is available, but not included with your meal pass.

Can I cook my own meals?

• If you are in a camper, you may cook your own meals.

• If you are in a dorm or tent, there is a small kitchen available for use. It is located in Providence.

• See the Providence kitchen here.

• There is no grocery store available nearby.

• Coffee/cookie breaks are available to all students, strictly limited to two cookies per break.

Can I just buy a few meals?

• No. We do not prorate the meal plan.

Is alcohol allowed on campus?

• Yes. If you choose to consume alcohol, you will do so in a responsible manner.

• Alcohol must be locked in your vehicle or camper, out of the reach of minors.

• Alcohol may not be stored in the Providence refrigerator.

• Sharing alcohol with minors will result in immediate dismissal.

What happens on Friday?

• Breakfast and good-byes are the only thing happening on Friday.

Can I bring my dog?

• Well-mannered dogs are allowed if you are staying in a camper or tent.

• If you are staying in a dorm, you cannot bring a dog.

• Dogs should be leashed or confined.

• You must clean up after your dog.

• Do not bring a dog that is unpredictable or aggressive.

Is there Wi-Fi available?

• There is open Wi-Fi available in the lodge during certain times of the day. The schedule will be posted.

• Bandwidth is limited and access is often difficult due to the traffic on the network.

• No streaming or gaming is allowed.

• Because the Wi-Fi is used for streaming concerts, we might find it necessary to further restrict access. Too much activity on the network will cause it to crash, rendering it inaccessible to everyone.

• We provide you with a total immersion experience. Prepare to unplug.

Is there cell phone service available?

• Phone service is very limited, but you can find service in some spots. Try the basketball court.

• Texting generally works.

• For a reliable signal, you must drive out of the canyon towards Belt. There is a turnout at the top of the hill.

Can I sell stuff in the camp gift shop or in my campsite?

• No sales of goods or services are allowed with the exception of vendors specifically invited by Montana Fiddle Camp.

• If you wish to donate goods and services, please donate through the auction, our in-house fundraiser. We accept donations of any kind for the auction.

When does registration open?

• Watch for online registration in mid-January.

Registration is already closed! Is there a waiting list?

• Yes! Please contact us at montanafiddlers@gmail.com to be added to the waiting list. Include all options for which you wish to register (see the registration form).

• You will be notified via email if there is an opening.

How can I help?

• Volunteer your services. We often need help in the kitchen and other areas.

• Volunteer to help set up tables and chairs. This is a daily task.

• Donate to the auction, our in-house fundraiser. This helps greatly in keeping tuition costs down. We accept all of your donations!

• Sponsor a scholarship.

• Make a cash donation. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit event. Donation receipts are available upon request.